Melissa and Joel were so informative and helpful. I greatly appreciated how they would send me pictures of my kitten before I got her and how they would answer my questions before/after I got her. I am so thankful to have the sphynx; the cat I have always wanted since I was a little girl. They are such a sweet and playful breed.

Kristen Moore

Melissa was very polite and professional in helping me find the perfect kitten to add to our family. She was very detailed in all the information she provided. Canvas (formerly named Eugene) has been the most absolute best sphynx ever! We absolutely love and adore him. Thank you so much Melissa and Joel!

Joanna Foxx

My wife and I are very pleased with Sphynx Kittenss!! Our kitten was adorable and super loving the minute we got her!! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a kitten! Melissa took very good care of her and educated us on a bunch of things about the Sphynx breed.

Gostavo Rocha

To say we are pleased and in love with our kitten is an understatement. This breeder is acknowledgeable and provides the most unique and sweet mannered kittens. Our sweet Florence (flossy) is a cuddle bug, smart, healthy and just a joy! When you get yours you’ll know just like we did that your kitten came from a breeder who treated them with care and love and only wants the best for them!

Michelle Denise

I’m having a great time with my kitten thanks to Melissa. The kitten is very playful, social and healthy. A great addition to our family. Melissa was very helpful in facilitating the process to receive the kitten and helpful in letting me know how to care for it as well. I would very much recommend this Cattery.

Lacey Babcock

We adopted a 2.5 year old retired breeding cat from Melissa. The experience with her was amazing! She is extremely knowledgeable about the breed. She makes sure you know exactly how to take care of them before you leave. She answered all my silly questions without hesitation, and was extremely nice. Orinda, our cat is the most affectionate, loving, well behaved cat I have ever seen. Melissa did an amazing job with her, and you can tell cares a lot for her cats!

Vikki Fowler

Exceptional cattery a cherishing breeder no doubt, Vlatka and us are the happiest, excelente advices and we felt accompanied during all the process, thanks for everything. And then, She decided going to live in México!!Since Vlatka arrived, everyone in the house is happier!! She’s got the best personality ever, thank you very much for allowed her into our lives.

Kayla Hatchell

We looked for a reliable place offering healthy cats for a long time and were blown away by the great experience we had with Sphynx Kittenss. We love our little boy so much and couldn’t have asked for anything more. Tons of information, updates and tips to ensure we were happy. Highly recommend!!!

T.J. Haris

Melissa is a wonderful breeder. She knows what shes doing and takes pride in her babies. If anyone is interested in a baby, this is the place to go. So glad i did. My baby girl is perfect!

Christen Powell

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